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Seeking well-being
Scientific and technological progress has always helped mankind to live better.
Ability and reliability
The quality of the air is a fundamental requirement when working in an environment in which we want to obtain and retain the integrity of the processes.
Responsibility and excellence
Periso SA wants to be a partner for health and directly contribute to the increased effectiveness of healthcare systems.
Partnership for the environment
The enterprise and passion for new challenges drives Periso SA to explore new paths to protect the environment.
Timing and accuracy
Reliability, increased quality and Customer service, process efficiency and effectiveness, in other words Just in Time.
Our success is your satisfaction
Periso identifies its most important conquest in the trusting relationship built with its Customers.

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Welcome to Periso

Our company provides a wide range of activities

Air Treatment

The ionization of air is a parameter that is gaining increasing importance from an environmental point of view, due to the biological effects it entails and the vast range of applications it has within…

Water Treatment

In nature everything is vibration and at first glance, matter seems inert, especially at macroscopic level, but at ultramicroscopic level it is tossed, like a sea in a storm. DNA in the cell nucleus is not only…

Automotive Sector

Through a very new technology developed by Periso that can be applied in the combustion processes of all endothermic engines, it is possible to obtain the following benefits: improved combustion…

Medical Equipment

Periso SA wants to be a partner for health and directly contribute to the increased effectiveness of medical systems.
A brilliant example of entrepreneurship in the biomedical sector, Periso SA is…

Laboratory instrum.

Periso SA has been designing and making laboratory instrumentation for research studies and important universities in Europe and worldwide. Thanks to its research, design and development Team…

Transformer and coil

Periso SA deals with: the manufacture of transformers and coils for industry according to the customer’s specific needs; the possible development and later manufacture of a transformer according to…

Confection and Wiring

Periso SA is a supplier of the electrical industry and it manufactures all types of cables, according specific customer requirements, by using fast, functional but above all technologically advanced…

Industrial Assembly

In the industrial assembly sector, PERISO creates every type of electric panels with personally chosen or customer-specific components. Periso is able to supply the complete panel, starting from…


Due to the inclusion in its organisation of a staff of engineers and installers with many years of know-how in the photovoltaic field, Periso SA is now able to offer its clientele a series of eco-friendly solutions…